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Received print-absolutely gorgeous as always-excellent work. Thank you.
Jacquenlyn T.
13 October 2016

Must thank you for your excellent customer service. I wasn't sure how to take a picture and crop it to put on a canvas frame. When I phoned in I was fortunate to speak with a very knowledgable and patient manager who stayed on the phone and walked me through every step making it very easy to navigate this for the first time. I have ordered plenty in the past but I was not familiar with the cropping process. When we got to the end and I had thought it was the last day for the 30% off sale I was told it had ended but I would be granted the discount even though I was not paying close attention to the dates when I got excited about the sale. I had just been through major computer issues that did not allow me to use my computer for a while and for this manager to be so kind as to offer to do this just touches my heart. I love Canvas4Life for always making you feel like family. Who else would do that? Not many. Thank you and God bless XXOO
Canvas4life is like family
12 October 2016

I have only used Canvas4life, once but was EXTREMELY pleased and said I would never use anyone else. Thank you for your excellent work.
12 October 2016

I submitted an order for three 20x30 canvas prints last Friday. Monday morning, I received a proactive email this noting that 2 of the canvases I ordered had been submitted as 1.5" deep and the third at .75" deep. She was clarifying that was in fact what I really wanted. And it wasn't! Had she not contacted me, I would not have known until the wrong size arrived. I VERY much appreciate that she reached out to confirm and ultimately correct my order. Thank you! You made my day. :)
Excellent and thoughtful customer service!
07 October 2016

Our hallway is lined with your beautiful work and our friends love going there to see whats new!
07 October 2016

I have had many canvases done by your company and am never disappointed. This last order was different in that my friend loved 4 prints, but only ordered 3. I got the 4th picture as well because I knew that if she saw it on canvas, she would end up buying it as well...which she did!! Also, I had to call customer service to be a bit more specific on my order, and they were really a great help, even holding sending out my completed order until I came home from a 2 week trip so that it wouldn't be sitting outside for any length of time. Thank you Canvas4Life....more orders to come in the near future!!
Excellent as Always!!
27 September 2016

Good web site. Download, instructions, help chat, payment all worked really well. Editing also did what I needed it to do. Looking forward to the print.
Great and easy web site!
20 September 2016

As a graphic designer, I do a lot of work that ends up on canvas, and canvas4life does an amazing job, over and over again. I have never been disappointed by the quality and quick turn around. Quite the opposite. They keep the high-res of my art intact and frame it wonderfully. Also, the frames are very well made. No warping at all. I would, and do, recommend canvas4life to my professional colleagues, friends and family.
Thank you!
16 September 2016

Two words. THE BEST!
Joy L.
13 September 2016

You speak of this "wow factor" and yes, I was wowed! Amazing quality, packaging and speedy delivery. I'll be back!
Barb K
30 August 2016

I have ordered canvas prints from several on-line companies and there is no comparison. The quality and reliability offered by Canvas 4 Life is the very best. Trust me, I've wasted $$$ trying to cut costs and ended up with an inferior product and excessive shipping costs.
24 August 2016

Canvas4life is the best. You are in the right place when it comes to quality, free shipping and 100% guarantee.
16 August 2016

Recently submitted a large order for the halls of our company. The photos were promotional shots of our best work. Have to admit I was a little nervous because I wanted to impress everyone on the team. The person on the phone at Canvas4life was very professional and knowledgeable about graphics. We received the work one day early and were wow'ed by the work done by Canvas4life. (even the packaging)  We were so happy that we submitted more work for the offices. I can not say enough about this company, their professionalism, quality and speed.
08 August 2016

Wonderful product. Wonderful Work. My home displays my work which is more beautiful with this product! Thank You!
26 July 2016

Love this site! I have so many beautiful canvases of my family!
26 July 2016

We are a designing service that has filled our showroom with Canvas4life's extremely classy and professional work. This is the real deal when it comes to color, speed, service, packaging and materials.
Roger F.
19 July 2016

I do a lot of work with you guys and I would just like to take a minute to tell you that I am OVER THE MOON with these last 2 prints I've received. I know I am quick to call and complain if something is wrong....which is rare!. I just wanted to tell you how extremely happy I am with your company. The boxes are sturdier. They are wrapped with extra care these days and the the color is so much bolder. Thank you so much for your exceptional service!
13 July 2016

Just got my canvases... Great job, as always !!!!! and super service! Thank you so much!!!! You are the best!!!
11 July 2016

We gave our father a 36x20 canvas of us, his children, standing near his favorite fishing hole for Fathers Day. He cried when he opened it and still just stands there and admires it on the wall in his office. Such a great gift. Priceless. So much better than a tie or a book. Thanks for changing the way I will express myself when it comes time to give someone a thoughtful, loving gift.
Sandy B.
01 July 2016

I have ordered 3 different times with a total of 9 canvas prints. All are exceptional quality. I will continue to order. All were shipped and delivered on time.
21 June 2016
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